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API Tester
Mobile app to inspect web requests from other apps.
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Free for iOS, iPadOS & macOS


Secure and reliable
The app uses a local on-device server, and data is only stored in the local device database, which only you have access to.
Test recorded requests
Integration with API Tester app allows to reproduce captured requests with different parameters.
Really good JSON viewer
Explore Body more efficiently with a JSON body preview that supports formatting, syntax highlighting, and line numbers.
Inspect Requests and Responses
Intercepted traffic grouped by domains, instantly view response code & time, URL, Headers, Quires and Cookies, decrypt SSL, use search fields.

Quick and easy setup
WebProxyTool will guide you through 3 easy steps to begin recording requests; onboarding is straightforward even for beginners.
Capture HTTP traffic
Advanced web proxy tool that allows to intercept and display all of the data that is sent and received by other apps.